MiG Ayesa ~ back to Broadway and Rock of Ages

If you haven’t seen the fantastic musical, Rock of Ages, then you have missed a great show and a great time! Rock of Ages, with Dan Domenech as the shy rocker Drew Bowie who is looking for his big break, Rebecca Faulkenberry, as the sweet Sherrie Christian who is trying to become an actress, and MiG Ayesa as the slightly lecherous, narcissistic, fantastic voiced, and totally funny Stacee Jaxx, is more than your everyday musical. It is more like a rock concert disguised as a stage production. Rock of Ages is playing at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway and there is a USA tour traveling across the US. Be sure and see it, you will have a rockin’ good time with those great 80’s tunes. The reviewers are raving about it and so will you!
Click on the graphic to visit MiG’s official website…mig-music.com…
click to link to MiG's official website, mig-music.com
Team MiG, a fansite and fan forum where MiG fans can connect.


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