Where is MiG Ayesa now?

It might be cold outside but it’s hot, hot, hot in the MiG world. MiG is currently one of the stars in the musical, Rock of Ages U.S. Tour, playing the hot rockstar, Stacee Jaxx. He also did a special event for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, performing for the Naming Ceremony for their newest ship, Allure of the Seas, and the special one night charity cruise.
MiG has been posting a mini-blog on his official website, complete with pictures and videos, about happenings on the Rock of Ages tour, and the Rock of Ages website has added MiG’s mini-blog, “On the Road” to it’s official news menu. MiG is also busy working on his second CD, all original music, so stay tuned. Keep up with MiG by visiting his official website, and by signing up for his newsletter. The sign-up form is on the main menu page.
click to go to MiG's official website
Check out this great blog about MiG!!!
Team MiG Blog

and some fansites:
Team MiG
Mig Fans Japan


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