MiG Ayesa~Gift of Music

This is the time of year when we think of what to give to those we care about. MiG has given the world a great gift, time and time again, the gift of his wonderful music and the gift of his caring. Click over to MiG’s official website for some great gift giving for your family, friends, even yourself, just click on the graphics to go directly to the MiG Official Site Store.
To give this wonderful CD of beautifully crafted rock ballads, you can order through iTunes, Amazon, or from MiG’s Store.
all mig all the time at www.mig-music.com
Give the gift of one of the first edition official MiG tee shirts! They are great quality and have the original got MiG? logo.
the store at mig-music.com
Give the gift of a downloadable EP of original MiG tracks. These songs are some of MiG’s own amazing music that he has made available for us to enjoy.
Give the gift of brotherhood by ordering the United as One download. Not only will you recieve this beautiful and heartfelt song, but you will be helping out those in need as all monies go to aid those affected by typhoons in the Philippines.
send MiG's ecard and download United as One
Check out this great blog about MiG!!!
Team MiG Blog

and some fansites:
Team MiG
Mig Fans Japan
MiG Fans SG
screen caps from (C)mig-music.com


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