MiG Ayesa ~ music you can feel

To Whom it Must Concern”… formerly titled “Letter from Baghdad”. Timely, emotional, thought-provoking, profound,and intense. For music to not only listen to, but to feel, to think about, to believe in, just visit MiG Ayesa’s official website. There you will find his amazing music. Lyrics are also available, as well as downloads, tour info, pictures, videos, and MiG’s diary. Stop on in to mig-music, and feed your musical hunger.
MiG, MiG Ayesa, mig-music.com
Check out this great blog about MiG!!!
Team MiG Blog
and some fansites:
Team MiG
Mig Fans Japan
MiG Fans SG


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  1. […] This song has always been an emotional song for me, and when I first heard it as a demo, I made a graphic blog that was inspired by this song. Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponDiggEmailLike […]

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