Singapore, here comes Queens acclaimed musical, WWRY, starring MiG Ayesa!

We Will Rock You, the internationally acclaimed musical featuring the musical genius of Queen will soon be in Singapore! Esplanade Theater, 28 March thru 13 April. Tickets available through Sistic Here


7 Responses to “Singapore, here comes Queens acclaimed musical, WWRY, starring MiG Ayesa!”

  1. nope, didnt see him on korea. would love to see him in Singapore, if time and finances permit .. (:

    unfortunately, it doesnt seem like it. but! im still hoping. (:

  2. kayla arkay Says:

    Hope the place,sounds n all is as good Dominion Theatre…muax*muax*

  3. kayla arkay Says:

    can’t wait da Ga Ga World…We Will Rock You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nice work, brother

  5. thank you for dropping by my site.. truly Mig Ayesa is a great performer, Iguess it runs in his Filipino Blood.. hehehe… i’m so proud of him… 🙂

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