MiG Ayesa, absolutely!


2 Responses to “MiG Ayesa, absolutely!”

  1. […] Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. Hi 2ton,

    Thank you for leaving a message on my site.
    I love your word “I want everyone to know about him”
    Exactly what I want to say to Japanese people.

    I linked your this site on mines with putting a banner that I made. Thank you 2ton.
    I’m not sure your blog name, I just wrote “EXTRORDINAIRE!”
    Is that okay? Is there anything you want?
    A picture?…in stead of a banner.

    What dose “EXTRORDINAIRE” mean, anyway?
    SUPER, GREAT… or something?

    You can tell me if you need MiG’s pics and whatever on my site.
    I’ll give it away for you with my preasure.


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